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5 Finest Spending TikTok Accounts 2022: Assume Like A Financier

March 21, 2022

The viral app isn’t all teens doing silly lip-syncs and trending dance routines, there’s actually some sound stock and investing content on the platform. 

ByteDance’s TikTok has exploded in popularity in recent years, boosted of course by the pandemic forcing us to spend more time on our phones. Investing content is one of the most-watched topics on the app especially as young people dipped their toes into the world of stocks for the first time during the GameStop saga. Individuals investing their stimulus money also encouraged people to look to financial creators on TikTok for advice. 

If you are on TikTok, you need to be aware that there is lots of poor financial advice given on the app. Luckily, we’ve got the lowdown on the best investing TikTok accounts to follow in 2022. 


    Best Investing TikTok account: MyWallSt (@MyWallSt

    Now, we might be tooting our own horn, but MyWallSt’s TikTok account provides our followers with investing tips in a humorous fashion to encourage our viewers to own their financial future. In our wholly unbiased opinion, it’s one of the best investing accounts on the popular platform. 

    Our Content Writer Nicole Byrne answers frequently asked questions such as ‘What is a stock’, ‘What does buying the dip mean’, and has shown our followers how much money they can make investing in the stock market if they start investing in their 20s. 

    Watching our TikTok’s is also a great way to keep up-to-date about current market news. We’ve shared videos about what long-term investors need to remember during the GameStop market volatility and made a video about Tesla’s highly anticipated earnings. 

    So please do follow us on TikTok and comment or duet us with any questions you have about investing! 

    Most popular content: A video showing how much MyWallSt subscribers could make if they invested in our Stock of the Month selection. The amazing returns we provide our customers seem to be popular with our TikTok audience and it’s not hard to see why! Check out the video here

    Best Personal Finance TikTok account: Humphrey Yang (@humphreytalks)

    Yang has an impressive 3.1 million followers who enjoy watching his content about personal finance and making money. The creator is most famous for showing Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos’ wealth using grains of rice. Other popular videos of his include him showing how Bitcoin works and the true cost of a Tesla car. Yang has a legion of followers most likely due to the way he connects with his audience when he discusses investing. 

    Recent popular content: ‘How much can you save by driving a Tesla Model 3?’ A video examining the cost difference over three years of owning a Tesla versus a non-electric competitor. Check out the video here

    Best ‘Investing Terms’ Explainer TikTok account: Brianna Parkins (@briannaparkins)

    Parkins may not have that many videos on her account, but the ones that she does have been hugely popular on the platform. The ex-financial journalist went viral when she explained what happened during the GameStop saga. She is most known for using humor to explain complicated stock terms in a jargon-free way. 

    Most popular TikTok content: In Parkins’s most-watched video, she describes the concept of short-selling using a can of Guinness to represent a stock and candies to represent money. She borrows the stock, sells it for 20 candies, then buys it back when the price drops, and then keeps the profit of 15 candies. Watch it here

    Best TikTok account about credit and debt: Keyla Katz (@ikeyli

    Katz’s account surged in popularity as she regularly talks about credit at a time when many Americans are drowning in debt. She has 344k followers who watch her posts about how to get out of debt. The mother of two has proven to be very relatable, which has gained her a lot of attention on TikTok. She also chats about investing often, which is another forte of hers, which has gotten her handle even more followers. Katz’s content is very useful for people who want to improve their financial situation and by following her tips, you can ensure you are left with additional income to use towards investing. 

    Most recent popular TikTok video: Katz content that has received an impressive amount of views is one in which she goes through how to build up your credit score safely through good credit utilization. See the video here

    Best motivational advice account on TikTok: Mark Tilbury (@marktilbury)

    Last, but by no means least, is by far the most popular personal finance account on the platform. Tilbury is highly motivational and offers old-school business advice about making money and investing. In many of his videos, Tilbury gives tips on how to become a millionaire, and his credentials as a self-made millionaire have really boosted his profile. 

    Popular video: ‘Stocks v Bitcoin’. Unsurprisingly, this video went viral as it was very on-topic as almost every investor is talking about cryptocurrency. In this video, Tilbury gives very personal advice about whether or not to invest in Bitcoin. While he says he has recently changed his mind about the digital currency and now backs it, he also tells us that he has only invested 5% of his portfolio in the coin. Check the video out here

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