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Damaging Down A Tesla · Collab Fund

September 10, 2022

Tesla has actually solitarily changed the landscape of the auto sector worldwide in much less than 20 years. Prior to it, virtually no auto firms were seriously purchased creating all-electric automobiles (EVs).

Currently, car manufacturers around the globe are competing to capture up to Tesla, totally revamping their R&D to focus on EVs.

As well as we believe Tesla and also the vehicles it makes are excellent.

Yes, it’s had its reasonable share of debate and also dramatization throughout the years, from complaints of sex-related harrasment at the firm to chief executive officer Elon Musk’s infamously unstable actions on Twitter (and also his initiatives both to outright get it and after that leave acquiring it). Tesla was likewise just recently de-listed from the S&P 500 Environmental, Social and also Administration (ESG) index, which struck lots of people as weird for a firm whose raison d’être is to get rid of nonrenewable fuel source exhausts.

Reserving all that current information to consider Tesla’s vehicles themselves, the Versions S, 3, X, and also Y are genuinely groundbreaking in the EV room due to the fact that they were the initial vehicles to do every little thing that a gas-powered auto can do without asking chauffeurs to give up design and also deluxe. As well as individuals have actually been aligning in droves to get them. So, regardless of the conflicts, the firm appears to be doing a remarkable work of hewing to its objective to “speed up the globe’s shift to lasting power.”

We’ve just recently obtained truly curious about the products that comprise our globe, therefore we began to ask yourself: what are Tesla’s vehicles really made from?

Exactly what are all those products that obtain constructed right into its renowned EVs, and also are they really much better than those utilized in their gas-guzzling rivals?

In this post, we look “under the frunk” at what makes a Tesla a Tesla.


The initial shock we experienced was that the procedure of making a long-range EV really generates 68% a lot more greenhouse gas exhausts than producing a comparable gas-powered auto. EV batteries are advanced, sophisticated items that call for products that need to be extracted from the planet, transferred, and also refined – every one of which launches a great deal of co2 right into the ambience.

However fortunately is that those producing exhausts are countered after driving a long-range EV simply 19,000 miles. Given that the typical individual drives regarding 14,000 miles annually, picking a Tesla as opposed to a gas-powered auto will certainly begin to have a net-positive impact on earth after regarding 18 months. And also, as even more sustainable nuclear power plant come online, producing exhausts will certainly remain to go down. Win-win.

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 2.26.53 PM.png


Among one of the most extensive items of a Tesla to generate is, naturally, its battery.

Lots of people have actually most likely listened to that Tesla makes use of “lithium-ion” batteries, which likewise power a wide variety of customer electronic devices like smart devices, laptop computers, electrical tooth brushes, mobility scooters, and also e-bikes.

The Tesla Roadster was the initial EV on the planet to utilize lithium-ion battery innovation, which can save greater than double the power of previous sorts of EV batteries.

Despite The Fact That they’re called lithium-ion, the batteries Tesla created likewise utilize cobalt, a component that is discovered in the Planet’s crust, in a setup called lithium-cobalt-oxide (LCO).

The initial Roadster batteries consisted of 6,831 lithium ion cells prepared in 11 “sheets.” Recognizing that it required to decrease the expense and also labor called for to generate lithium-ion batteries at a huge range, Tesla constructed its Gigafactory in the Nevada desert for that function in 2013.

While Nevada may feel like an arbitrary area option, it wasn’t. In 2020, the firm revealed that it prepared to begin generating lithium from clay in the Nevada desert to additional protect the supply of resources for its batteries. They’ve because submitted a license for a brand-new lithium removal technique they intend to utilize.

However keep in mind cobalt? That’s a resources also, and also it’s a lot less bountiful (and also a lot more pricey) than lithium, suggesting Tesla was mosting likely to have an issue sourcing sufficient cobalt for its batteries as it increase manufacturing. So, in 2021, Tesla revealed that it was changing from LCO batteries to lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries, although it would certainly remain to utilize LCO in its long-range automobiles.

LFP batteries are dramatically less expensive and also less complicated to reuse (see “Recycling” area listed below), due to the fact that iron is a a lot more conveniently offered product than cobalt or nickel. They’re likewise a lot more chemically secure, so they’re much safer.

On the other hand, LFP batteries are much less energy-dense, suggesting they obtain much less array per cost than various other sorts of batteries. However, for a standard-range EV, they appear to be a much better well-rounded alternative.

Concerning 95% of LFP production is carried out in China, yet license constraints on LFPs begin to end this year, suggesting that battery cell manufacturers in various other nations can possibly generate their very own LFPs without spending for licenses and also aristocracies.

Natural Leather

Like any kind of premium auto, Tesla’s inside is bound in natural leather.

However while natural leather is an all-natural product that can biodegrade at the end of its functional life, all those cowhides damage the world. Many originate from cows increased in Brazil, where prohibited livestock farming to fulfill American car manufacturers’ need for natural leather is driving logging of the jungle at a frightening rate. Nearly three-quarters of the cattle ranches determined in an evaluation by the New York City Times overlapped with land that the Brazilian federal government has actually identified as unlawfully deforested, Native land, or a preservation area.

In 2019, Tesla revealed that it would certainly be changing every one of its designs’ insides from cowhide natural leather to a “vegan natural leather” product, led by stress from its investors. Along with being cow-free, the artificial natural leather doesn’t split like actual natural leather, and also appears a lot more durable to damage.

The trickiest item of the artificial button? The guiding wheel, which takes added misuse from the oils, sweat, and also various other points we carry our hands.

However, like any kind of artificial product, Tesla’s vegan natural leather is made from plastic, which is inevitably made from nonrenewable fuel sources (and also can evidently bubble in specific problems). So, the vegan natural leather is a little a compromise: much less logging and also pet viciousness, allowed by utilizing nonrenewable fuel sources. Concerning 8-10% of the worldwide oil supply is utilized to make plastics, while logging triggers regarding 20% of yearly worldwide greenhouse gas exhausts. If we think that the procedure of generating plastics likewise launches greenhouse gasses, this button from cowhide to artificial natural leather appears to be somewhat much better for the world generally.


Silicon isn’t simply for integrated circuit – it’s likewise the major element of glass, which Teslas have a great deal of many thanks to the all-glass roofing systems on the Design 3 and also Design Y. Greater than 90% of the Planet’s crust is made up of silicate minerals, so silicon is quite simple to obtain and also glass is quite inexpensive to make.

It’s so common, it’s simple to neglect it’s there in any way – a lot of us hardly see the glass when we consider our Televisions or phone displays, or via home windows. However Tesla designers have actually invested a great deal of time thinking of the glass in their vehicles. A lot to ensure that they produced their very own exclusive variation called Tesla Glass that does a great deal greater than your typical windowpane.

On designs with glass roofing systems, a solar aspect has actually been included that soaks up 99% of the UV rays that struck the roof covering, shielding the owners from the sunlight. All the glass panels are built like a glass “sandwich” with 2 panes of glass on either side of an acoustic moistening layer, which decreases roadway sound and also wind sound.

As Well As Tesla Glass is utilized in the firm’s solar roof covering floor tiles that it markets to clients to permit them to bill their vehicles at residence with fossil-fuel-free electrical energy from the sunlight.

The honest Cybertruck, readied to be launched in 2023, is stated to have a a lot more resilient sort of glass that Tesla’s site calls “armor glass.”


Along with the batteries, natural leather, and also glass, Teslas have a lot more products, consisting of unusual planet steels, steel, light weight aluminum, plastic, and also titanium.

Where does it all go when the vehicles get to completion of their functional life?

Much of the raw products utilized in the firm’s lithium-ion batteries are recyclable, and also can be removed and also recycled right into various other items. Tesla reported that ​​1,300 lots of nickel, 400 lots of copper, and also 80 lots of cobalt were reused from its batteries in 2020. It likewise claims it has actually set up the initial stage of its on-site battery cell reusing program at its Nevada Gigafactory, which all deactivated lithium-ion batteries are reused (although it’s been kept in mind that the huge bulk of Tesla batteries haven’t reached their end-of-life yet).

Tesla prepare for all its battery manufacturing facilities to have reusing centers, with the objective of recuperating and also recycling approximately 92% of the raw products it takes into its vehicles. Along with reusing, in 2020 the firm likewise stated that it had actually lowered production waste by 50% in some centers, and also had actually likewise decreased the quantity of water and also power it makes use of in its production procedures.

Various other auto firms like Ford, General Motors, and also Toyota have actually revealed their very own landmarks and also success when it pertains to lowering waste and also enhancing reusing in manufacturing facilities, so Tesla isn’t alone in its relocate to optimize its product use.

The break down

It appears that Tesla is truly taking the sustainability of their products seriously, from dedicating to reuse all their batteries to getting rid of making use of Brazilian natural leather to generating their very own lithium in your area as opposed to mining and also delivery it from around the world. If we zoom back out and also consider them within the bigger context of worldwide exhausts, are Tesla EVs really a lot more lasting than various other vehicles? That response is remarkably tough to select.

In its yearly position of one of the most earth-friendly vehicles, placed the Design Y in 11th location. The positions show each auto’s adverse effect on the world based upon air contamination created by their production and also disposal, the manufacturing and also circulation of gas or electrical energy, and also the vehicles’ tailpipes. It likewise thinks about the exhausts launched from generating the products that enter into the vehicles, and also in 2022 consisted of a boost in exhaust from mining lithium, which is an important element of almost all EV batteries, in its estimations. While Tesla’s Design Y was placed more than all gas-powered vehicles, numerous various other EVs – consisting of the Toyota Prius, the Nissan Fallen leave, and also also some crossbreeds – bordered it out of the leading 10.

After That there’s the ESG inquiry.

S&P Global stated its choice to go down Tesla was based upon various other firms’ positions enhancing, Tesla’s absence of a low-carbon method and also disclosure of its total greenhouse gas exhausts, events connected to cases of racial discrimination and also inadequate working problems at its Fremont manufacturing facility, and also its handling of examinations right into several fatalities and also injuries connected to its auto-pilot function.

Musk has actually slammed the S&P ESG index for enabling oil and also gas firms to make the listing although their main organization feature is to generate even more nonrenewable fuel sources. As we’ve created in the past, “what counts as ESG relies on what lens you’re checking out,” and also while there are certainly numerous lenses whereby to check out Tesla, we believe the firm’s total dedication to doing great for the world is better than its ESG rating.

Absolutely nothing is ever before as straightforward as it appears, not also something as commonplace as a cars and truck. In reimagining the auto for the EV age, Tesla needed to choose what products would certainly line up with its certain vision for the future.

With our lens of “pressing the globe ahead,” we believe these options placed Tesla right into the “internet great for the world” classification, regardless of disagreements that can be made around, for instance, the loved one advantages of vegan natural leather vs. cow natural leather. Neither option is 100% excellent neither 100% negative, yet Tesla has actually dedicated to the option that it really feels is much better for the world, and also we appreciate them for that – not simply when it pertains to natural leather, but also for various other products it resources also.

That obtained us asking yourself…what various other products in our every day lives have interesting backstories that we have a tendency to ignore, and also what can discovering them instruct us regarding the globe, both today and also in the future?

Remain tuned for even more deep study the products behind day-to-day things.