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What Does ‘Ruby Hands’ Mean?

March 22, 2022

‘Ruby hands’ is a term created in the onslaught of Reddit’s r/WallStreetBets area. Investors making use of the social media sites system developed the special expression — among lots of — and also it just captured on, specifically throughout the meme supply trend that haunted the marketplace in January 2021. 


    Exactly what does ruby hands suggest for supplies?

    Generally shown in its emoji kind (see listed below), ‘ruby hands’ describes a person that has a risky resistance for high volatility supplies or possessions that they possess.

    They don’t cave under stress and also offer their supplies, basically.

    Exists even more to ruby hands?

    Well, besides the actual description of why it’s called ruby hands — due to the fact that they proceed holding up until the supply ends up being important, like a ruby — there’s very little else to claim. 

    The ruby stands for the stubborn stamina of the financier holding their unstable property. Although, an adverse meaning could describe the hard-headed stubbornness of the exact same financier for holding of a possession in spite of its dropping worth. 

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    There is a much safer means to spend though…

    The regrettable, and also commonly undetected, side of this type of retail investing based upon Reddit fads, meme supplies,  short-squeezes, and also well-rounded ‘buzz’, is that a lot of the moment, the investor sheds every one of their cash.