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What Occurred At Elon Musk’s First Consulting with Twitter’s Workers?

June 18, 2022

Similar to my pet dog’s preferred chewed-up tennis sphere, regardless of just how much I attempt to toss this tale away, it simply maintains re-emerging at my feet. Elon Musk attended to Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) workers for the very first time the other day to review his approaching requisition of the firm. 

If you were wishing for intrigue, Elon certainly supplied below, with broach development, possible discharges, and also also some musings on extraterrestrial life.

Allow’s simply dive right in.


    What does the future of Twitter resemble?

    Musk signed up with the video clip telephone call fashionably late by around 10 mins and also gone about responding to workers’ concerns. Some essential styles arised, with responses being looked for on adjustments to Twitter’s item, office plans, and also Musk’s position on totally free speech.

    Musk attended to each of these concerns to some extent, however attracted the displeasure of the group for being non-descript concerning the future of the firm. Workers supposedly required to their firm Slack network en masse to require that the mediator press Elon additionally on his strategies.

    I’ll attempt and also summarize a few of Musk’s more vital factors in quickfire style:

    • On totally free speech, Musk is of the idea that individuals ought to typically be permitted to state whatever they desire on the system, however that doesn’t imply that Twitter needs to always advertise it.
    • He mentioned his predisposition is “highly in the direction of operating in individual” however that there’s a significant distinction in between running a social system and also making autos from another location — providing Twitter workers some wish that they won’t be dragged back right into the workplace.
    • Musk confessed that the firm “does require to obtain healthy and balanced” pertaining to discharges, however considerable factors have absolutely nothing to bother with.
    • He desires Twitter to go for 1 billion day-to-day energetic customers, from an existing number of 229 million.

    And Also if all that wasn’t sufficient to load the Elon-sized opening in your ideas for today, he likewise raised the presence of aliens, however mentioned that he hasn’t really seen any type of proof of their presence. 

    Never ever a boring minute, eh?